LDRS 33 is History
Special Thanks to all the Flyers Who Made this a Great Event 



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Welcome to the information portal for Wisconsin's first LDRS. This website will serve as your official source for info as we develop plans for 2014's LDRS at the Richard Bong Recreational Area. This years LDRS is a cooperative effort by the Tripoli Wisconsin Association (http://www.tripoliwisconsin.org) and the Quad Cities Rocketry Society (http://www.qcrs.us). 

Be sure to take a look around and check back often as our plans are finalised and posted on this site.

 LDRS News

6/9/14 -- Pre-Registration Ends July 9th

Pre-registration for LDRS 33 will close in one month on July 9th. After July 9th, on-line registration at the reduced price of $45 will no longer be available. You can still register on-site for $65.

Also, no additional banquet tickets will be sold after the close of pre-registration. Because the banquet hall needs an accurate count of attendees a week in advance, no banquet tickets will be available at the launch. If you want to attend the LDRS banquet, be sure to register on-line before July 9th.

Things are shaping up for a great LDRS launch at "the Bong". You don't want to miss Wisconsin's first LDRS - so sign up today! 

5/9/14 -- LDRS 33 Update

Just a quick update on some LDRS 33 issues

  1. The official LDRS 33 T-Shirt is now available. Along with celebrating the 33rd LDRS launch, this shirt also commemorates the 50 year anniversary of Tripoli. A collectors item for sure.
  2. To support research flyers who can only attend during the weekend, we've changed Saturday & Sunday to research days also. Therefore all four days of LDRS 33 will be held under research rules.
  3. Pre-registration for LDRS 33 is scheduled to close July 6, 2014. After that date, on-site registration costs will increase to $65.
4/28/14 -- Registration is open

Its been a long road getting our Event Submission Document approved by the Wisconsin DNR but we been given the go-ahead for the launch. With this behind us, registration for LDRS33 will open immediately.

2/1/14 -- Electic Generator Use at Bong

Per WDNR regulations, the use of electric generators is prohibited throughout the park. This includes generators on board large RVs.  The only exceptions are their use by concession vendor for food safety and Tim's generator to power the launch system. 

1/27/14 -- Vendor Application On-line

We've finalized the vending requirements for LDRS 33 with the Wisconsin DNR.  All vendors will be required to obtain a “Wisconsin State Park Properties Commercial Use Permit” from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. More info and the Commercial Use Permit in available under the Vendors menu tab.

11/10/2013 -- Motor Impulse Restriction at LDRS 33 

Due to our unique launch venue for LDRS 33, the planning committee has decided to implement a motor impulse limit for the launch. The impulse restrictions are as follows:

Non-Complex Flights - Rockets must utilize a motor with a total impulse less than 20,480 Ns  ( < "O" motor)

Complex Flights -  Rockets must must utilize motors with an accumulated total impulse of less than 10,240 Ns ( < "N" motor)

We recognize that traditionally LDRS has provided a showcase for large motors in the “O” thru “Q” impulse range but our launch field in the Richard Bong Recreational Area will not support these larger motors. In order to maintain the safe distances required by NFPA 1127, any launch of a rocket containing an “O” motor (or above) would require shutting down a publicly accessible road within the park. We explored this option with park officials and were informed that they would need to dispatch two rangers to police the road closures. We were also informed that we would be responsible for the salaries and benefits of these rangers for the duration of the launch. This expense was simply too large for our budget to absorb.

Launching at The Richard Bong Recreational Area has always required some flexibility on our part to maintain public access to this state owned resource. The LDRS 33 Planning Committee apologizes for any inconveniences this action may cause in your planning for the launch.

08/30/2013 -- No Camping on the flight line at Bong.

As most of you know. LDRS 33 will be held in Wisconsin at Richard Bong Recreational Area (the Bong). Holding a large, national launch on state lands that will be open to the public requires some flexibility on our part to stay within the DNR's regulations for events held in the park. We felt it important we let everyone know about one of the requirements that may affect some of you planning on attending the launch. By Wisconsin DNR regulations, there can be no camping outside of the designated camping areas at Bong. This means there will be no camping allowed on the flight line. If you intend to camp on site for LDRS 33, you must register for a site in the campground areas. There are 184 camping sites at Bong with about 50 having electrical hook-ups. 

This is an extremely popular park during the summer and the DNR recommended that anyone wishing to camp at Bong during LDRS 33 should register NOW to ensure they can get a site. Camping sites will fill up quickly. You can register for a site on-line HERE


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